(Hi, all) - MUST TestLink test executables??

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(Hi, all) - MUST TestLink test executables??

Postby SneakyWho_am_i » Tue May 20, 2008 1:09 pm

I'm working on a project in php. I know there are plenty of php testing tools out there but I want one I can easily integrate directly into subversion and/or mantis etc.

Basically I'm looking to replicate a kind of
CVS -> Bugzilla -> Bonsai -> Tinderbox -> LXR
sort of setup. But of course I like:
- subversion over cvs (for this project, anyway)
- php over perl
and of course I'm not compiling anything because php is an interpreted language.

So here is what I would hope to get from TestLink:
- delete a directory and empty a databasse (basically, run a script in php for me)
- run a second script
- run a third script which stores its output as quite a number of files on the disk
- inspect the contents of all those files

So far... Can TestLink do this? The only executable I would want to run that whole time would be php, and I wouldn't be compiling it. But I'd run it three times. Testlink would just have to do that and then run some assertions on the output files's contents. That's ok? Can it do that out of the box? If not, would it take much hacking on my part to make this happen??

The next thing is, (and I know I should just read the manual from start to finish, and maybe check out from CVS, please forgive me)... How hard is it to hook this into other systems. I am not talking about logins (yet)... I'm talking about:
- every time someone submits a patch in SVN, the tests are repeated
- A third party script (mantis, a forum, something like that) can run/re-run tests whenever it wants (So I'm pushing a button every ten minutes in Mantis to run tests, for example)
Not really that interested in cron, although if I can't call it on demand then cron would be cool too.

Next thing is:
- login bridging. I see a pdf manual for bridging the login to Mantis. What's the code involve? I've kind of told Mantis to not handle logins at all, the responsibility there lies with something else. Is it likely then that to integrate TestLink with my system, that I would have to just make my own bridges for everything??

Oh! Final question for now:
TAGS. Everything has tags now. Blogs, forums, teabags, dogs, jarheads, you name it. If I can (re)run tests in TestLink, can I tag the "run" event??

I'm thinking of something like this:
- patch is submitted to SVN
- SVN or Mantis creates an array. Taking a stab at what goes on, here is the kind of data I would plan on sending:
Code: Select all
$for_testlink = array(
'event_type' => 'test',
'event_id' => 5,
'event_creator' => 'SneakyWho_am_i',
'time' => time(),
'tags' => 'Bug: 123 - mother catches unsanitized fleas, SVN Revision 456 - input fleas must be made into tea (Notice.php) User: SneakyWho_am_i',

So then when I'm looking at the tests that have run, I will be able to see:
{11:11:11}{successful}Bug: 123 - mother catches unsanitized fleas, SVN Revision 456 - input fleas must be made into tea (Notice.php) User: SneakyWho_am_i
{11:11:11}{successful}Bug: 124 - mother STILL catches unsanitized fleas, SVN Revision 457 - fix regression caused by last whatsit (Notice.php) User: SneakyWho_am_i

- Can TestLink email/lynch/rain fire down upon me when tests fail?
- if these sorts of features already exist, does it already linkify bug numbers or svn/cvs file revisions and stuff like that?

I know that's a lot of stupid questions, people. Thanks in advance if you answer even a couple of them.
If I'm looking at slightly the wrong type of thing, then don't hesitate to point me in the right direction :P
Seriously, thank you.
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Postby havlatm » Mon May 26, 2008 7:28 pm

At first I must write the basic goal of testlink - document and organize testing (not running scripts). You know there are teens of test automations frameworks and products, that can do it for you.

Currently we supports to deliver test results via SOAP and have reviewed but not implemented support to call external scripts for test execution.

We are not company of payed developers but community of testers. So we can care to take a job focused on main target. Other tasks are better implemented by different tools and we rather cooperate with them (against reinvent similar functionality). So you can use testlink together with another tool or just use another one. You can check for example http://www.opensourcetesting.org/ to find it.

Anyway, your description is really nice case.
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