1.8 RC3 install question-ERROR-XML Import/Export cannot work

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1.8 RC3 install question-ERROR-XML Import/Export cannot work

Postby johnzan » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:30 pm

Hi all,

I'm trying to install TL and I've come up against a very confusing problem.
Using the automated install option I have the following error in the 'Web and PHP configuration' section:

"Checking DOM XML support : ERROR - XML Import/Export cannot work. Please install related library to your web server (You can do it later)."

I have this issue on both a linux XAMPP 1.6.6 and Mac OS X 10.5 machine.

As far as I can tell PHP is setup and configured on both systems correctly.
From the linux machine here is the section of the php.ini:

Output from php -i:

----8<-- Linux php.ini start -----
[root@cactus bin]# ./php -i
PHP Version => 5.2.5

<lots of unnecessary stuff omitted>


DOM/XML => enabled
DOM/XML API Version => 20031129
libxml Version => 2.6.31
HTML Support => enabled
XPath Support => enabled
XPointer Support => enabled
Schema Support => enabled
RelaxNG Support => enabled

<lots of unnecessary stuff omitted>


XML Support => active
XML Namespace Support => active
libxml2 Version => 2.6.31


XMLReader => enabled


XMLWriter => enabled


XSL => enabled
libxslt Version => 1.1.8
libxslt compiled against libxml Version => 2.6.11
EXSLT => enabled
libexslt Version => 1.1.8

----8<-- Linux php.ini end -----

Does anyone have any ideas on where I can check or what I should do to resolve this?

Thanks for any help/advice/suggestions,
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Postby johnzan » Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:37 am


Just following up on this post for the benefit of anyone else that has this issue. The problem is resolved and RC4 will contain the fix. See this link for a workaround in the meantime.


Thanks a million to the dev team for such a quick turn around.

Best regards,
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Postby havlatm » Thu Jan 22, 2009 2:56 pm

It's not RC4 but RC3b.
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Postby juanmalimanga » Thu Jan 22, 2009 6:05 pm

I verified the fix and I don't get the Session or DOM XML errors anymore.


1) Download the configCheck.php file by following the link posted in the previous reply.
2) After unpacking the RC3 files in your web directory, replace the <testlink_dir>/lib/functions/configCheck.php with the one you downloaded.
3) Proceed with installation.

As noted in another thread, the session errors occurred because the browser cache and cookies were not cleared before running the installation.

Hope this helps...
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