Relationship between custom fields

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Relationship between custom fields

Postby partymungo » Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:24 pm

is it possible to define a relationship between custom fields?
I want to define two CFs. Depending on the value which is selected in CF1, the possible values in CF2 should vary.

For example:
CF1 is a list of software products and contains the values: P1|P2|P3
Each Product is available in more than one Version, for example:
"P1" in "V1.0" or "V1.1.1" or "V2.0.1"
"P2" in "V2.0" or "V2.1"
"P3" in "Prototype"

If CF1 is set to "P1", CF2 should only show: V1.0|V1.1.1|V2.0.1
If CF1 is set to "P2", CF2 should only show: V2.0|V2.1
If CF1 is set to "P3", CF2 should only show: Prototype

Put all the information in one CF like:
P1 V1.0|P1 V1.1.1|P1 V2.0.1|P2 V2.0 ...
is not possible because there are "only" 254 characters for custom fields.
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