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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:29 am
by spacomp
Dear All,

We have a typical scenario with our Project / Product Life Cycle

Our Company has envisaged at launching a Product which comprises of too many intermediate products which will also need to go through the SDLC/STLC.

To manage this, we have created a different project section [for each one of these Components] under the same TEST LINK setup.

Now we have a typical scenario wherein, we have TEST PLAN created at the highest level of the product [Final Product] and we also need to create a TEST PLAN for each one of these components and manage with each successive releases.

My Queries are:

[1] Is it OK to have a Test Plan [Rather Call them as MACRO TEST PLAN] for each one of these components [Sub Projects]
[2] Does the standards Software Testing Practices approves of having a Test Plan for each successive Releases? One of the senior member in our comp is against having the TEST PLAN for each Releases, though it is slightly different from the preceding one.
[3] I could see an OPTION with the TEST LINK to create a Test Plan from the existing Test Plan, but we are not able to leverage this feature from the TEST LINK. [We are currently using the TEST LINK 1.8 RC5]

Please suggest me as I have to demonstrate the same to the AUDITING agent visiting our comp.

With Best Regards

Santosh Sheelvant