cf update not reflected in tc's

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cf update not reflected in tc's

Postby franchos » Fri Apr 24, 2009 8:51 am


I'm currently test-driving TL for the company I work for as a consultant.Finally I hope to successfully deploy this great tool because I think it serves their needs.
Since they have an Office-based system in place, I have to migrate and see if all mandatory features are present in TL -- or can be accomplished in one or another way.

For that, a feature we definitely need is the custom field. However I bump into this problem:

Whenever I change or add a cf to a tc AFTER it has been assigned to a test plan and tester, it is not reflected in the test case the tester sees.
I'll give an example to make my point more clear:

-test lead creates test project, test plan and test cases
-test lead creates a cf say a set of checkboxes with values (a|b|c)
-all test cases are assigned to 1 test plan, and assigned to 1 tester.
while doing so, the cf is visible. a and b are checked and cf's are saved with "Save Custom Fields".
-later on, test lead adds a custom field, or extends the exiting one, for instance by adding an item "d" to the set of checkboxes.
-either way, the tester cannot see the change in the test case. The new cf is not there, nor is item "d"

Note: when I open a tc, and press "Save" w/o any changes, the cf for that tc magically shows up in the tester's browser.

Q: is this as designed, or an issue? It's kind of tedious to perform the "workaround" for each and every test case...

I hope you can help us with this. It's really important in my decision making.

The test team consists of 6 ppl excluding myself. I'm using TL 1.8.1.

Thanks for you help!

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Postby aostad » Fri Apr 24, 2009 9:12 pm

I have some difficulties with CF too. In my case the issue is deleteing a CF after using it. I have aready raised an issue for it. I'm pretty sure CF feature needs a little bit more work.
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Postby mukul » Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:10 am

I suggest the following in next release:
1. Provision (for Admin/Leader) to change the test case template
2. Have an option to assign a label called "optional" to any field in the template.
3. Admin/Leader adds a CF and assigns "optional" label to it.
4. The test case designer can decide whether to include optional field in the test case or test plan.

This may be difficult to implement but I am suggesting this completely from the test engineer perspective.

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