Sees Redmine but can not show or add Bug

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Sees Redmine but can not show or add Bug

Postby captainc » Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:53 pm

I am trying to integrate Testlink and Redmine. I used the info on and when I view a failed test within Testlink, it shows a 'bug' button I can click on. When viewing a failed test, this shows a bug or Issue from which I know the data comes from Redmine.

However, when I click on this 'bug' button (javascript:open_bug_add_window(3)) a new window pops up where I can enter a Bug Id or press the 'Add bug' button. When I enter a valid number and hit the enter key, or I press the 'Add bug' button, I see for a very brief moment a status message in the bottom of the window, "Waiting for <name of my local server>".

Or is the functionality of 'Add bug' only to add a Bug (created in Redmine) to Testlink. e.g. *not* to create a new bug or Issue in Redmine?!

In some logfile I find a message which I assume has to do with it, Any ideas or suggestions?

Undefined index: tableClassName - in /home/xxxxxx/lampstack-1.1-2/apache2/htdocs/gui/templates_c/%%9C^9C2^9C2418FB%%inc_show_bug_table.tpl.php - Line 5
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