What is the table user_group used for ?

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What is the table user_group used for ?

Postby lxts » Mon May 25, 2009 5:15 pm

Hi people !

First of all thanks for this great tool and the work you put in it. I am actually investigating TestLink as a customer of us asked to (probably) migrate from Salomé TMF to TestLink.

I am actually testing TestLink 1.8.2 on linux with lampp (and MySql) and trying to understand the data modeling schema.

If I understand well, users are added to the USERS table and some group could be added and stored in the USER_GROUP table. User could be then be assigned thx to USER_GROUP_ASSIGN table.

Unfortunately I could not find in the GUI where new user group could be created. Did I missed/misunderstood something.

I also used the PostgreSql scripts to generate a database schema (as mentioned on this forum) but in the PostgreSql script regarding the USER_GROUP table there are an owner_id and a testproject_id that are not specified in the MySql script.

Thx in advance
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