Issues changing keywords for testcases through export/import

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Issues changing keywords for testcases through export/import

Postby amitst » Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:54 am

I am using TestLink 1.8.5.

On my setup there are thousands of test cases. Due to some keyword assignment mistakes, the test cases in multiple test suites have incorrectly assigned keywords that I need to correct.

I found that if I export test cases within a "test suite", change keywords, and import them back, I see the keyword corrections come into effect.

However, if I export an entire test suite folder (not just leaf level test cases), make changes, and re-import the exported test suite, a duplicate test suite with the same name gets created.

As the number of test suites and sub-test suites are large, I needed to do it top-level test suite wise. Any tips?

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