Anybody using Shibboleth for authentication/authorization?

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Anybody using Shibboleth for authentication/authorization?

Postby areeda » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:52 pm

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has done the work to use Shibboleth ( a federated Identity provider with TestLink?

I work in a large world-wide scientific collaboration ( I'd like to introduce TestLink (you all know the reasons).

I have protected the website with Shib but right now require people to also log into TestLink and more important to me is I have to manage the TestLink users. Shib provides the trust need, identity (name), and group membership which can translate to TestLink privilege level.

If someone has done this (my searching produced nothing) I'd like to try it. If not, perhaps I can do it with a little direction on the authentication section of the code.

If it is of any general interest, I'm more than happy check in and support any code I produce, as long a my grant lasts at least.

One more thing, I did see that LDAP is supported and that may be an alternative. It's not quite as clean because with Shib anybody who hits the home page is authorized and environment variables tell us what groups (privileges) they belong to.

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