Upgrading a 1.6.3 installation

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Upgrading a 1.6.3 installation

Post by tester007 »

I have a busy installation of TL-1.6.3 running on pretty crappy hardware. I am thinking about first upgrading this installation to
TL-1.8.5 and then port it over to new hardware and newer version of Linux. I will appreciate if anyone can point out things that I shall watch out for or avoid.

I'd also like to know if it would be possible to port over a complete backup of TL-1.6.3 and use a script or utility to restore it into a fresh installation of TL-1.8.5.

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Re: Upgrading a 1.6.3 installation

Post by kakhaberi »

Dear tester007 ,

have you solved your problem?
Had a same issue....
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Re: Upgrading a 1.6.3 installation

Post by Amaradana »

from 1.6.3, you can not upgrade directly to 1.8.5. You need to migrate first to 1,7 and then 1.8. Please see the below link

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Re: Upgrading a 1.6.3 installation

Post by vwbwood »

Agreed, that is the path I took as well. It works -
Back up everything along the way - we use mysqldump - which works well for us in case we decide to move to another machine.

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