[MISPLACED] 'Assigned to' filter not working in 1.9.6

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[MISPLACED] 'Assigned to' filter not working in 1.9.6

Post by ssalva »

When viewing all tests (by selecting, for example, the 'Test Execution' link at the top of the main page), the 'Assign to' filter is not working, it displays all tests regardless of the filter setting. This is in version 1.9.6, and other filters do work.

Has anyone seen this and, if so, is there any known way of resolving it, or does anyone know if version 1.9.7 resolve this? I haven't seen any mention of this on the forums already so I'm wondering if its something wrong with my particular setup. Any feedback would be appreciated, even if it's just an 'it works for me in 1.9.6'. Thanks everyone!
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Re: [MISPLACED] 'Assigned to' filter not working in 1.9.6

Post by fman »

Standard question tour:
1. have you checked http://mantis.testlink.org, without the status filter, for similar issues ?
2. have you checked release notes of 1.9.7 ?

In order to have better results, please follow our guidelines, this means:
1. place for issues is mantis and not forum.
2. please read our guidelines regarding how to report an issue.

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