Integration How To for Mantis

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Integration How To for Mantis

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In the past I've been working with a version of Testlink 1.9.2 and Mantis 1.2.3 and these were integrated with eachother. With integration I mean that it is possible to link a Mantis problem to the testcase who failed in Testlink.

Now I'm wanting to have the same configuration to be set up with my current employer but I can't find a "How To .. " or the steps to take to integrate Mantis within Testlink (both the latest version). There once was a document online ( ) but that site is no longer online.

Unfortunately I'm no programmer and have no understanding of the language wich both are build in.

So the question is: How do I integrate Mantis within Testlink?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Integration How To for Mantis

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please go to specific section on forum regarding issue trackers integration.
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