CentOS 7/Apache installation problems.

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CentOS 7/Apache installation problems.

Post by klm »

Hi Folks,

I am trying to install TestLink 1.9.20 using the automatic installation. It installs fine, passing all the checks, but when I try the initial login, login.php, this is all I get from login.php:

Missing file: drivers/adodb-db_type.inc.php
ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver ''

And this from the Apache error log:

[php7:error] [pid 1611] [client [ip addr]:59924] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function SetFetchMode() on bool in /opt/testlink-1.9.20/lib/functions/database.class.php:117\nStack trace:\n#0 /opt/testlink-1.9.20/lib/functions/common.php(159): database->__construct()\n#1 /opt/testlink-1.9.20/login.php(26): doDBConnect()\n#2 {main}\n thrown in /opt/testlink-1.9.20/lib/functions/database.class.php on line 117, referer: http://[hostname]/testlink/

The drivers seem to be there, I think:

$ ls /opt/testlink/vendor/adodb/adodb-php/drivers

adodb-access.inc.php adodb-firebird.inc.php adodb-mysqlt.inc.php adodb-oracle.inc.php adodb-postgres.inc.php
adodb-ado5.inc.php adodb-ibase.inc.php adodb-netezza.inc.php adodb-pdo.inc.php adodb-proxy.inc.php
adodb-ado_access.inc.php adodb-informix72.inc.php adodb-oci805.inc.php adodb-pdo_mssql.inc.php adodb-sapdb.inc.php
adodb-ado.inc.php adodb-informix.inc.php adodb-oci8.inc.php adodb-pdo_mysql.inc.php adodb-sqlanywhere.inc.php
adodb-ado_mssql.inc.php adodb-ldap.inc.php adodb-oci8po.inc.php adodb-pdo_oci.inc.php adodb-sqlite3.inc.php
adodb-ads.inc.php adodb-mssql.inc.php adodb-oci8quercus.inc.php adodb-pdo_pgsql.inc.php adodb-sqlite.inc.php
adodb-borland_ibase.inc.php adodb-mssqlnative.inc.php adodb-odbc_db2.inc.php adodb-pdo_sqlite.inc.php adodb-sqlitepo.inc.php
adodb-csv.inc.php adodb-mssql_n.inc.php adodb-odbc.inc.php adodb-pdo_sqlsrv.inc.php adodb-sybase_ase.inc.php
adodb-db2.inc.php adodb-mssqlpo.inc.php adodb-odbc_mssql.inc.php adodb-postgres64.inc.php adodb-sybase.inc.php
adodb-db2oci.inc.php adodb-mysqli.inc.php adodb-odbc_oracle.inc.php adodb-postgres7.inc.php adodb-text.inc.php
adodb-db2ora.inc.php adodb-mysql.inc.php adodb-odbtp.inc.php adodb-postgres8.inc.php adodb-vfp.inc.php
adodb-fbsql.inc.php adodb-mysqlpo.inc.php adodb-odbtp_unicode.inc.php adodb-postgres9.inc.php

My set up is:
CentOS 7.9.2009
TestLink 1.9.20
PHP 7.4.16
Mariadb 10.5.9
Apache 2.4.6

Everything I've read on these errors are from older versions of TestLink and haven't helped, so any help would be appreciated. I'm just the sys admin trying to get this installed for some engineers, so this is my first exposure to TestLink.

Thanks, KLM
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Re: CentOS 7/Apache installation problems.

Post by fman »

here a document regarding a CentOS installation, hope can help
https://github.com/TestLinkOpenSourceTR ... -on-CentOS

please provide feedback
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