Wrong test result layout (1.9.7)

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Wrong test result layout (1.9.7)

Post by mrommel »

Hello together,

i have updated Testlink 1.9.3 to 1.9.7.
After this i can't see any Builds or Test suits in the result reports.

While upgaring i had the error that there were missing 205 files in templates_c.
I have imported them, but until now I can see the old layout of the testreport selection.

The database is configured right, but I don't know where to look up for the wrong test report layout.

Does anybody know a solution?

Best Regards
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Re: Wrong test result layout (1.9.7)

Post by fman »

templates_c is a TEMP folder used for Smarty template engine to compile the *.tpl files => you can delete all files present on this folder without any risk.

The only right approach ALWAYS when upgrading is:

1. create a DB backup
2. create a NEW DB instance for the new TL version
3. restore the backup done on (1) on instance created on (2)
4. create a new folder to unzip the new TL version
5. run upgrade sql scripts on NEW DB INSTANCE
6. do some tests on your new test env.

This way you can be sure you are not going to generate 'service glitches' on your production environment.

Remember to clean up also your Browser cache ( it would be better to use different browser type (example firefox and chrome) to access
your old TL production environment and your new LASTEST TL version
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Re: Wrong test result layout (1.9.7)

Post by mrommel »

I have done this 5 times bevor, and it worked.
And i have used Opera ...
The only differnce was the envirement....
I did it on a windows with xxamp.
The error that occured was on a linux server.

By the way....
The problem is solved...

I hadn't known i have to have another user that owns the whole templates_c directory.
Because of this i had two problems....
1. all files in templates_c had been missing.
2. the problem not to have rights to change something (i have got an entry in the logs after changing the loglevel)

The solutions was to change the owner...
Now i have access to all Test Results AND to the user management.