Status - 20121118

News about TestLink 2.0 development, direction, etc
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Status - 20121118

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Working on 1.9.4 code tree to add Create Issues from TL on several BTS, to port this work to 2.0

tlTestCaseFilterControl.class.php refactoring

changes in naming convention for templates, all included files are going to be renamed to *.inc.tpl

refactor of container* templates, going to create testsuites folder and try to make organization a little bit clear

Work on mid air collisions on Test Suites
Some refactor on rights and roles methods, trying to remove as much as possible GLOBAL COUPLING

20121005 refactoring
createResultsMenu() => testcase::createExecutionResultsMenu()

Current Activities
  • Porting of features developed on 1.9.4
    Test Project Management, code refactoring to use the command approach already in use for test cases
  • Interface from PHP to smarty has to be done only using $gui object
    ADODB has to be upgraded to lastest available version (@20120908 - ADOdb 5.18 3 Sep 2012)
    Smarty Template has to be upgraded to lastest available version (@20120908 - Smarty 3.1.11 Jun 30th, 2012)
    All member variables of TLSmarty classe will encapsulated as much as possible inside a single complex variable
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