Specifying redmine field values during issue creation in TL

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Specifying redmine field values during issue creation in TL

Post by becca »

Dear TestLink community.

I'm engaging in testlink to get an overview of the capacity of testlink. Therefor, I've installed testlink (v1.9.19, bitnami) and redmine (v4.1.0, bitnami) as issue tracker at my linux computer. All works so far. I'm able to create issues via testlink. For creating issues at redmine, we must specify some additional redmine fields, like assignee, category, target version and some additional customs fields like 'Found in Version' and 'Reproducibility'.

When I specify this additional redmine fields in the issue tracker configuration of testlink, I'm able to create an issue via testlink which includes all this additional information, but the information contain static values, see my redmine configuration below. Normally, the values of this information is not static and the user, who creates the issue, must be able to set the values of this additional redmine fields dynamical during the issue creation. E. g. the user creates issue-1 via testlink and assigns it to developer x during the issue creation. Does testlink support specifiying dynamical the values of the redmine fields during the issue creation or must this be still implemented by a developer? If it is possbile to simply enable this support, please give me a hint how to do this.

I've tested also the redmine rest api: There is also a feature, which allows attaching files via the rest api to the issue. (See: https://www.redmine.org/projects/redmin ... hing-files). This works and I'm able to create issues with attached files via my rest api testing tool. Is it also possible to attach files to an issue, which will be created from testlink? It would be great, if this is also possible, because a tester can attach log files, screenshots and other relevant stuff for this issue immediately during the issue creation.

Thank you for you help.

Best regards,

<custom_fields type="array">
<custom_field id="5" name="Reproducibility">
<custom_field id="3" name="Found in Version">
<uricreate> ... /uricreate>
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Re: Specifying redmine field values during issue creation in

Post by fman »

Regarding the attachments feature this does not exist, and IMHO this add to much complexity, then do not think that in the near future will be any implementation.
Regarding providing the chance to user can choose values, there are several features that may be can help, but there is no ordered documentation.
The best approach is to search on mantis.testlink.org for notes on issues (remove the status filter on mantis).
For JIRA TestLink is able to get values domain from JIRA, via the JIRA REST API, then may be if you have PHP knowledge you can think about development this for REDMINE.
You can also be sponsor (pay for the development) .
If you need info about sponsored development send a mail to testlink.forum@gmail.com

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