[NEW FEATURE] - 1.9.5 Create Bug with JUST ONE CLICK

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[NEW FEATURE] - 1.9.5 Create Bug with JUST ONE CLICK

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THIS FEATURE IS AVAILABLE VIA latest fixes, and will be part of 1.9.5

At time of this writting (@20121117) ONLY FOR Mantis SOAP and Bugzilla XML-RPC, IF YOU HAVE ISSUE TRACKING INTEGRATION Configured (in the right way. see other posts on forum that explain how to do this) you will find TWO BUTTONS when executing a TEST CASE:

1. (the old one) that allow you to ADD on TestLink AN EXISTENT ISSUE/BUG ID.
2. NEW! will create WITHOUT ASKING YOU NOTHING a new Issue/Bug and will do the link on TL.

some technical details of Create Bug with JUST ONE CLICK
Right now you need to create a user to access OUR MANTIS SITE to access the tickets:

we are going to create simple documentation in future (help is ALWAYS welcomed) and as usual consider to donate to help us keep improving TestLink.
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