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Dolby Laboratories

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Recently, the QA department at Dolby labs has opted to use TestLink as their Test Management System. This adoption has been made for all QA teams within the company.

Many members of the team, including myself, have used testlink for several years. We have selected TestLink for its rich feature set but also for its inherent design which we believe makes it a great test management system. Unlike many commercial tools, TestLink can address the testing needs of many application domains. One the reason being that as an open source project, the team makes sure that the tool fullfils the needs of most testing requirements out there by carefully reviewing/assessing feature requests.

Our team sees TestLink as the keystone of the test automation system we are currently designing.

Congratulations to the team for their sustained effort in making TestLink a better tool every release. For those of you who have installed 1.9, you must have noticed an improvement in the release quality by the new addition of a QA team in charge of verifying each release. Also, a big thank you to the entire team for their constant support and prompt response time.

Finally, we are looking at making improvements to suit the needs of geographically distributed teams, to promote even a greater level of test case re-use between project and as mentioned earlier the foundation for our (or any) automation system, and hope that we can contribute back to the project.
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