Philips Lighting, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Philips Lighting, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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At Philips Lighting, Eindhoven, the Netherlands we're using TestLink at the Solutions Innovations Center for system and product testing. We're using it for about 2-3 years now. Since 1.5 years and the introduction of 1.9, the use spreads out over the various projects. We're using 1.9.3.
Currently, TestLink is mostly used for manual testing at system and product level, where we use it to keep track of the test results on the various builds and releases we have and keep track of the traceabilty between the requirements, test cases and test results. We're using this to be able to report both on progress (% of testcases executed) and coverage of features (% of testcases selected and executed for a feature). We use Risk Based Testing to select the test cases to be executed for each release, which is based on using the PRISMA method at the start of each project to determine priority and risks.

Besides the speed of TestLink being considerably higher than (for example) HPQC (especially in reporting), we see that TestLink comes closest to ISTQB terminology and training. This is an asset as the majority of the more experienced testers here has had (at least) an ISTQB Foundation training.

We link TestLink to TRAC as our Bug Tracking System. For this, we modified the original TestLink module to allow us to link individual TestLink projects to different TRAC servers (instead of the single server that was supported). This way, we can report relations from requirement to issue(s).

Update 23-10-2012:
With respect to requirement management, our architects decided to go for Contour. To be able to import these requirements from a Contour baseline to TestLink (so we can use it as the foundation for our testing) we're currently extending the requirements specification import functionality in TestLink with the ability to import directly from Contour. This development is currently ongoing for TestLink version 1.9.3.

At this moment, we have about 30 projects running world-wide (Netherlands, India, China, Australia and USA), using a central TestLink server in Eindhoven, Netherlands. There are currently over 130 active accounts.

For automated testing, our scripting uses the XMLRPC-interface of TestLink to store the test results, so reports can be generated from TestLink

We really appreciate the effort that the TestLink developmentteam puts in and we'll be following future enhancements.
Richard van der Pols
Philips Lighting,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
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