WinTrust, Lisbon, Portugal

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WinTrust, Lisbon, Portugal

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About WinTrust

Founded in Portugal back in 2006, WinTrust is a consulting and Information System certification company. It is the only company operating on the Portuguese market that combines expertise on Testing Methodologies best practices with a total independence from any system integrator. Similarly, WinTrust can be perceived in the Computing Engineering industry as having the same supervision role as supervising companies in Construction industry. On one hand, here is this company that is responsible for executing the work (system integrator) and, on the other hand, here is this other company (WinTrust) responsible for ensuring quality of the final product. More than 50% of the professionals working at WinTrust are certified and founders of the company have more than 20 years experience in Software Engineering.

TestLink - an good open source approach to a tool of test management

Our experience - Recently we migrate set of tests (nearly 10,000 test cases) and we have enjoyed the experience of use. A shorter learning adoption cycle for Quality testers, great job. Additionally we have connected TestLink to Mantis Bug Tracker and works quite well.
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