access restriction for specific user, only executing.

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access restriction for specific user, only executing.

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We're using Testlink 1.8.4. We want to be able to create useraccounts whicht only have acces to testcases for executing them. No acces to specification or other testplans etc. With that in mind I've created a new user and created a new role with only Testplan Execute as rights. This user I've then given 'no rights' via Role management to everything except the Testproject in wich I'v made the new testsuite, testplan and a new release. Because there are more then 1 testplans within the Testproject I've done the same for the user via Assign testplan roles.

In the testsuite I've created a testcase en connected it to the testplan.

When I'm loggin in with this new user I can only see Start and Excecute and as Testplan the testplan I've created is visable. There are no others available to select (this is how we prefer it). However, when I select "Execute" I can only see the testsuite but the testcases underneath are not visable. I've tried virtually everything I can think of but got nowhere. With another user (leader or guest) I can execute but I'm also able to see the specification of other testplans within the Test product (wich is exactly what we do not want).

What is it I'm doing wrong?