Can't get Filter priority in Test Execution to work

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Can't get Filter priority in Test Execution to work

Post by typing82 »

Hi, I am having trouble using Priority filter in Test Execution. Currently using Testlink 1.9.6. Previously I had 1.9.5 which doesn't have the issue.

To demonstrate the issue,
1. Create a new Test Case (TC 1) with High Importance.
2. Create second Test Case (TC 2) with Medium Importance.
3. Create third Test Case (TC 3) with Low Importance.
I have not changed Urgency on those testcases, so all should be Medium Urgency. Therefore TC 1 should be High Priority, TC 2 should be Medium priority and TC 3 should be Low priority.
4. Add TC 1, TC 2, TC 3 to a test plan (Plan 1).
5. Go to Test Execution, on the Filters panel, select either High, Medium or Low for Priority, then click Apply. Notice the number of testcases remains the same.
I am expecting one testcase for each Priority I have selected.

On the other hand, I find that the Priority filter works fine in Set Urgent Tests page. I can also see Priority is correct for each test cases (TC 1 = High priority, TC 2 = Medium priority, TC 3 = Low priority). Also no issue with Importance filter in Test Specification.

If I do the same steps in Testlink 1.9.5, I get the result I expected. Bear in the mind 1.9.5 and 1.9.6 don't share the same database. Each has it's own database but mostly identical between the two when I did the comparison.

I went through the files in Testlink folder and compare between 1.9.6 and 1.9.5 but couldn't find anything obvious. I am using WinMerge tool to help me identify the files that are different.

The only one different that relates to priority is in
1.9.6: setting_refresh_tree_on_action','importance' => 'filter_importance',
1.9.5: setting_refresh_tree_on_action','importance' => 'filter_priority',
However, it doesn't seem to be the cause in my opinion.

In Events information, there are a couple of warning events
E_NOTICE Undefined index: filter_result - in C:\xampp\htdocs\testlink\gui\templates_c\%%31^31A^31A35F5F%%inc_filter_panel.tpl.php - Line 23
E_NOTICE Undefined index: filter_active_inactive - in C:\xampp\htdocs\testlink\lib\functions\tlTestCaseFilterControl.class.php - Line 983
I checked them but I don't think it is releated.

I have searched forum and mantis for any clues and it's been weeks trying to find the cause. I might be looking at the wrong place as I am not programming expert. I don't think I have ever modified any content in 1.9.6, everything should be original. Hope someone can pin point any files that can be of interest and I would be happy to troubleshoot further.
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Re: Can't get Filter priority in Test Execution to work

Post by fman »

IMHO 1.9.6 is not an option when 1.9.20 has been released

have you checked in the CHANGELOG of Testlink Version > 1.9.7 to understand if this has been fixed?
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