Unable to create test plan

The release 1.6 is going to be unsupported by Community. Because our effort moves ahead. However there are still valuable informations for you.
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Unable to create test plan

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Greetings and Goodmorning,

Firstly thanks for a great product.

Am new to this group n product. I\\\'ve check the product doc [hope i dint miss it...]

The version that am using is 1.6.2. I log in as admin, and create a user called \\\"test lead\\\" with permission of a \\\"Leader\\\" relogin as leader i can\\\'t see the \\\"create test plan\\\" what am I doing wrong?

Infact i logged in as an admin, senior tester, tester none of the users show the \\\"create test plan\\\" link.

thanks for taking time to read upon this.

kind regards
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Post by fman »

Please if you think this is a bug report it on Mantis