LOCALIZE: getting shown on the testlink UI

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LOCALIZE: getting shown on the testlink UI

Post by Adixit »

I am using Testlink version 1.8.4.

Any idea how to solve this problem?
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Post by Amaradana »

Open your test link you say that ur seeing localize

I guess there should be some wrong with the srings file.?

say if you see something like localize_title .....

go to the root folder of your installed testlink and navigate to

testlink folder \locale\ langugae folder(tghat you are using) and edit the strigs.txt and search for the string that you are seeing in and give the appropriate title, if your confused please give the strigs here that you are viewing in UI

Or just give the details what locale and what your seeing.
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Post by Pavlik »

Better You edit the

Code: Select all

- so you will it keeping after the next update.

Just copy the string, that You have to localize from strings.txt (english) to custom_strings.txt (your language) and type the translation
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