TestLinkAdapter Testlink 1.9

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TestLinkAdapter Testlink 1.9

Post by Mavadaes »

I was able to run the sampletest without any error, but in testlink I cannot find the testcase result.
I am using TestLink 1.9, could that the reason? I was expecting an error using 1.9, but it doesn't. So before changing the version I want to make sure it won't be anything else?
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Post by austvik »


I am sorry, but this post doesn't contain enough information to know where to start troubleshooting.

Which sample did you run? (If it only has has short code you can post that too)
Did you get any error messages? (You can post the output of the run of the sample)
Did you have a test case that corresponds to the ids you have used?
Have you checked the logs, did they say anything?
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