Testlink installation on Ubuntu/Debian server problem. Smart

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Testlink installation on Ubuntu/Debian server problem. Smart

Post by nyxito »

I have tried plenty times to install Testlink on a Debian/Ubuntu server from scratch (not using XAMP).
The installation phase is always ok.

However, when I log in, there is always a blank screen. If I refresh the page (F5), the Testlink Home page appears.
Then, if I choose "Edit Test Cases" for example, the page will not exist.

I have then activated Smarty debug window on config.inc.php:
$tlCfg->smarty_debug = true;

But now, Testlink is working perfectly ! The Smarty window appears and I cannot trace any problem.

Do you have any idea of the problem ? Did I forgot to activate something on the Debian/Ubuntu installation ?
Could it be related to the GUI configuration ?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Testlink installation on Ubuntu/Debian server problem. S

Post by TurboPT »

Well, in a way, you DO have xAMP. The 'x' is either L or W to make LAMP (a Linux) or WAMP (Windows) installation. :D

Anyway, what versions of the 'AMP' components are installed?

There are a few places to check for potential issues:
1. The server's error_log
2. The /logs directory in TestLink
3. The Events area of the application [on the toolbar, if logged-in as admin]
Start with those areas for potential clues.
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