nodejs mocha testlink reporter

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nodejs mocha testlink reporter

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as I already had a running CI Stack with some nodejs project and the usual reporting via mocha, chai etc, I wanted to get that special testlink.xml format for re-importing the results to testlink.

I wrote a tiny reporter module you can build on, see my local gitlab page here: ... nkimporter

It fits my needs and if anyone needs more, feeld free to ask, fork whatever. :mrgreen:
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Re: nodejs mocha testlink reporter

Post by fman »

Thanks for sharing
There is also a testcafe reporter with a similar approach

IMHO best option is to be able to call the REST API to write the results in testlink.

With testcafe @TESISQUARE my approach was different, I've got the report output and process it with some bash scripts and call the REST API.
I've found this simpler than deal with a testcafe custom report.
I'm planning to add this script in the Gitlab PIPELINE
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